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Welcome to the revolutionary, state-of-the-art Las Cruces Studios, located just 5 minutes from Downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico. Our future 20 acre studio ranch, with 4 sound stages and back lot will be the best location for your next film, video or television project. Fully equipped with the latest filming equipment, Las Cruces Studios will become a premiere production destination for the Southwest. Many years have been invested into making sure every detail of production value will be available when you bring your Television or Film production to Lss Cruces. 

Currently the Las Cruces Studios is using a smaller facility and affiliate locations to accomplish the same tasks of bigger studios in the country. 

Las Cruces Studios   2521 N. Main 1-122    Las Cruces NM  88001

(575) 650-3398

When you want quality at
a lower price.

What are the Studios Looking For?

The two main things that the studios are looking for are good ideas and good filmmakers with whom they can develop fruitful relationships. Independent producers are often closer to the zeitgeist about what people want than the studios can be and can help the studios react to changes in audience tastes. They are looking to develop relationships with producers who can work with them to build on these changing trends and develop material that can reach out to their audiences. At a practical level, they also need producers who can take responsibility and act with authority: in short, people who can deliver the goods.


Las Cruces Studios will provide full film and video production and post production services, said its founder, 25 year veteran director and producer Chris Soular  The future 20 acre studio ranch will be opening soon.  Plans call for the addition of 2 large sound stages and more facilities soon after the initial construction.

"The time is now for southern New Mexico to be involved in the movie business. When we begin this venture, we could not get the support from any agency. That's when we realized we had to go on our own.  In March of 2006 we developed our business plan and Ideas and in March 2007 1 year later, we launched the Las Cruces Studios. We will be celebrating 11 years in 2018 

The First Studio

We are the first television and film studio facility in Las Cruces.  We will continue to build our facility until we have met our goals.
  In Las Cruces, we have so much to offer production companies at a lower price.  This is all virgin territory."

Las Cruces Studios is 3 minutes from the local airport.  Being so close allows for easy access. If anyone is coming in from further distances the El Paso, TX international airport is only 45 minutes away.

Las Cruces and El Paso have a large pool of experienced film professionals.

New Mexico offers a host of incentives to film projects, including tax breaks and direct investment in films up to $15 million.


Dawn Dodd

“ I think (the movie studio) would bring good jobs and promote tourism, those are the positives.

"Delores Serna
Born and raised in Las Cruces

“ I think it’s an opportunity for Las Cruces to be able to bring a new business to the state of New Mexico.  I think Las Cruces is a great, beautiful location for that.”

Ray Jaramillo
Las Cruces resident

“ I’m very enthused, I think it is the answer to a lot of prayers and concerns about what could be done with the area. I think it’s a win-win for Las Cruces.”

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